Provoking Moments of Joy - FNG22

June 23, 2023
Photo of a lively dancing crowd at a busy gig

Looking back at our 2022 festival, a crazy, hectic, and absolutely beautiful weekend that we won't soon forget, a small detail worth remembering is the welcome we included in our printed 2022 programme, with lovely words from Diarmuid O Sé, our Chairperson. Read his words below.

For 3 (sometimes 4) days a year, we get to present to you all of our mad ideas. I can comfortably say, on behalf of everyone involved with Féile na Gréine, that there isn’t a single one of those remaining 362 days where we aren’t dreaming of our weekend. It was painful having to dream for like 754 days between 2019 and 2021 but who’s counting?

As I’m writing this, we’re a month out from the festival and all that’s going through my head is “fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck”, but in a really good way.

We are so excited. We truly believe this is our finest and most exciting lineup yet. We’ve pulled from all corners of the country all the weirdos who we deeply resonate with. We have a new venue this year that we’re delighted to work with: Treaty City Brewery. Themselves and our friends in Crew have dreamed up a delicious, collaborative Féile Na Gréine beer just for our weekend. What a treat! When you’re ordering it, make sure to be super extra nice to all the lovely bar staff across the venues we operate in.

A speaker on a trolly covered in a blue waterproof tarpe

We're all here for the same reason. Be kind to yourself this weekend, be kind to everyone around you. Drink it all in, it's a beautiful thing.

Five friends smiling