Out of Place Photobook and Tape available on our Bandcamp

June 23, 2023
Fluorescent green books on a black table
Out of Place photobook by Hugh Heffernan and Laya Meabhdh Kenny

After a sold-out tour across Ireland, the photobook and cassette soundtrack of Out Of Place are finally available to purchase on our Bandcamp

When we were showing our documentary, Out Of Place, in Cinemas across Ireland earlier this year, you may have seen that we did not come empty-handed. Created alongside our film, we decided to publish a photobook of the same title, with photos, illustrations and essays by our very own Hugh Heffernan and Laya Meabhdh Kenny. The book follows similar themes to our film, contrasting the beauty of a small community trying to navigate a changing city. 100 pages printed in a gorgeous monotone and punctuated with a fluorescent green cover.

We committed our soundtrack to a glowing green cassette. Composed by Mícheál Keating, Side A houses the haunting soundtrack of warbling tape reels, incidental sounds from the film, and lush synths. Side B contains a total re-arrangement of all sounds from the film by Limerick-legend and scratch DJ, Deviant and Naive Ted.

Both of these beautiful artefacts are now on our Bandcamp, why not pick one up?

Fluorescent green cassette on a black table
Out of Place Original Soundtrack by Mícheál Keating and re-arrangements by Deviant & Naive Ted

“Music scenes can be found all over the world and this is the view from our corner. I believe it’s important to acknowledge the value and cultural richness they bring to a place because they are worth supporting, developing and protecting.”

Graham Patterson, Director of Out Of Place

OUT OF PLACE: A Story in Pictures