Out of Place - A DIY Tour

June 23, 2023
Two people sitting in an empty cinema

A meditation on the role music plays in building community, exploring the tensions that emerge when musicians struggle to carve out a space for themselves in their city.

Featuring performances from Denise Chaila, God Knows, HeyRusty, His Father’s Voice, MuRli, and Post Punk Podge & theTechnohippies, OUT OF PLACE is an intimate portrayal of a local music scene, capturing the incredible diversity of cultural activity happening in Limerick City.

Exploring music made at a local level, this film follows a variety of musicians as they try to navigate their changing city, in an attempt to find places to create, perform and connect with others. This proves difficult as space provided for culture is always shrinking, turning the act of music-making into an act of defiance. Filmed with a DIY spirit, this is both a celebration of music as form of individual and collective expression.

Musician asleep beside a drumkit

In 2020 we weren't able to put on a festival for obvious reasons. We didn't what to do but we knew we had to do something. Over the next few years we planned, filmed and put a film together. The process was long and arduous and for a while we didn't know whether we could do it. But by the end of 2022, our film was finally ready. It was nominated for Best Documentary at the Irish Film Festival London 2022, and we wanted to do something special back at home. So we planned a screening tour.

As far as we can tell small indie films don't typically organise their own tours, after all, that is what film festivals are for. Coming from a music background we know musicians who book their own tours all the time, so we took this approach, it felt natural to us.

So we planned not only a hometown premiere but a tour across the country.

A blurry photo of people walking and talking on a street

We premiered to a packed screening in the Belltable. The audience was audible throughout the film, laughing and sighing, they were invested. We finally knew that the film had resonated. The evening was joyous, emotional and overwhelming. 

After a brief recovery we hit the road. We had booked screenings at independent cinemas and cultural spaces in Cork, Dublin, Dundalk, Belfast, Galway, and Sligo. We hoped that the film would be received well, as it had been in Limerick, and luckily it did, the screenings were full and we spent the best part of three weeks connecting with music communities at every stop. They gave us couches to sleep on, food to eat and pointed us to their favourite bars. We felt welcome.

People sitting and chatting around a small table in a bar

When we weren't travelling or sat in a dark cinema screen, we spent much of the tour talking with people. We spoke about the music we like, the importance of community, and the various challenges our communities face. This tour made evident that all these scenes face similar obstacles, but at the very least we are not alone, we are on this journey together.

The side of a building beside the site of a recently demolished building

“Making OUT OF PLACE was a journey of discovery. What set
out as a celebration of DIY spirit and the thriving music scene,
became more”

Graham Patterson, Director of Out Of Place

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