An annual music festival in the heart of Limerick City, organised by volunteers and friends since 2018. For one weekend every August we transform Limerick into a stage to host emerging and experimental music that truly excites us. We believe that music should be accessible to anyone curious enough to seek it out, which is why we keep all events at our festival free. It is a journey and everyone is invited.

People dancing


In 2018 a couple of friends who had been hosting gigs in Limerick asked themselves What if we put on a festival? We didn't have any money or experience putting on an event of this scale but we did it anyway, and we called it Féile Na Gréine.

Since that summer we have managed to build a volunteer organisation that places a spotlight on music Ireland's emerging and experimental music. We are a group of musicians, designers, photographers, and friends. Structured as a music trail, our festival leads audiences through the heart of Limerick City, stopping at intimate venues along the way. 

We are guided by strong-held beliefs in DIY culture, grassroots connections and inclusivity within the arts. As Féile Na Gréine has grown, so has our creative output, which now includes filmmaking and publications, all of which embody fierce DIY approach and a commitment to the power of community.



PAY OUR ARTISTS - In everything we do we strive to pay our artists as best as we can. Their work should always be highly valued. We work with emerging artists to support their professional development through access to a large network of artists and exposure to larger audiences.

OPEN OUR DOORS - We embrace the kaleidoscopic energy that diversity brings to Ireland. We strive to achieve equitable opportunities and experiences for artists, volunteers, and audiences. We aim to remove barriers where they can be found because we believe that music should be available to everyone.

LOVE OUR HOME - Limerick is our stronghold and our stage. It is where our volunteers live, work and play. We aim to highlight Limerick as a cultural destination. Through collaboration with communities and businesses, we showcase the creative excellence of our city and home.